What the critics have to say…


“Generous kudos must go to director Wayne Maugans for managing the perfectly paced plot revelations while keeping the dialogue moving with precise speed. The result of the sharp staging and well-honed performances is a funny, anxious, edgy, and very satisfying evening of theater. With no intermission, and none needed.”  Jon Sobel, Review of Intermission by Daniel Libman, Blogcritics, May 9, 2014


 “The actors, under the direction of Wayne Maugans, do a good job of evolving into more multi-dimensional characters as the play progresses…” Howard Miller, Review of Intermission by Daniel Libman, Talkin’ Broadway, May 8, 2014


“The playwright has given each character a meaty exit scenario to play, and all of the actors really step up to the plate here and deliver emotional, credible scene work. Mr. Maugans’ staging, as constrained as it is, has flashes of inspiration that generally carry the day…” Michael Hillyer, Review of Intermission by Daniel Libman, The Front Row Center, May 10, 2014


“It is amazing how Wayne Maugans, the director of the play, who…is separated from those heroic and terrible years of the siege of Leningrad by seven decades, was able to recreate that unique time. It is also due to his very close, accurate, and sophisticated reading of Arbuzov’s text that he was able pass that quality to his entire stage crew, and most importantly, the actors.”  Margarita Shkyarevskaya, Review of My Poor Marat by Alexei Arbuzov, Russian Bazaar, April 11, 2013


“It’s easy to fall in love with the three characters as well as the three wonderful young performers expertly inhabiting their roles. Wayne Maugans restrained direction allows the play’s emotions to ring out and the performers to shine.” Mark Savitt. Review of My Poor Marat by Alexei Arbuzov, Hi! Drama, April 23, 2013


Always at the center is Kinsey, whom Maugans succeeds in making immediately likeable and consistently convincing. And he also happily looks just right.”   Karl Levett. Review of Alfred Kinsey: A Love Story by Mike Folie, Backstage, Sept. 10, 2007


Maugans starts off as warily amused by Lee, when he feels oh-so-superior to his sibling. That smile becomes more glazed and then frozen as his brother starts making in-roads. It’s a performance that takes its time to build, but when it does, it sizzles.”  Peter Filichia. Review of True West by Sam Shepard, The Star Ledger, March 12, 2007


The direction by Wayne Maugans is top-notch. The pace of this play should never be rampant, and Maugans directs the cast accordingly.”   John Jordan. Review of Uncle by Dean Gray,, Feb. 15, 2007


Wayne Maugans has directed with such sensitivity that Uncle becomes a surprisingly moving experience.”   Andy Propst. Review of Uncle by Dean Gray, Backstage, Feb. 13, 2007


Wayne Maugans … an actor to remember and to cherish.”  Clive Barnes. Review of Chicago by Sam Shepard, New York Post, Nov. 8, 1996


Mr. Maugans expertly recreates this antic mood in a performance that never for a minute betrays the time and circumstances of Mr. Shepard’s search for his own style.”   Vincent Canby. Review of Chicago by Sam Shepard, New York Times, Nov. 17, 1996